Thursday, July 7, 2011

Called in the Professionals!

I have been riding nearly everyday, but haven't posted. I've called on the professional - Maurice. I'm waiting to hear from him now. Gizmo is doing better than expected on ground work, but I'm not progressing in freestyle. It is like I just started. Direct thinking - probabaly! Drilling him - probably! But after one and a half years of freestyle I should be out of level 2. I've even stopped riding Can Do so I can concenrate on Gizmo. With that said, I'm ready for some level 3. However, I must post that we have started liberty. I have no round pen, but decided to give it a try in my arena. He did everything I asked. I even filmed it and posted it on youtube (way out of the box for me). Yesterday, which would be the first time I tried it out of the arena in the big wide world with no fences, he again did everything I asked. We played stick to me to get to the obstacles then I sent him over the bridge, one foot on the bridge, two feet, then back up. He was on! Then I asked him to jump 3 barrels and he did. How cool was that. Then I played STM to get to the pasture, opened up the gate and sent him in. No grass eating either. That was exciting! Wish I could go to the summit coming up. I know I would learn so much. I will be eagerly awaiting the DVD that comes out on that one.