Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today we practiced transitions as it has been my weakness. I'm trying to get the trot, walk, or lope in my body and for Can Do to pick it up. Sometimes it works, sometimes not! I believe I'm not consistant enough. We also did follow the rail which both of my Parelli horses should have by now. My focus needs improvement because I felt her all over the place as I was trying to do my transitions and then all of a sudden I put her on the weave and she did it so nicely. It reiterated how strong my focus needs to be and that I must let it slip a little at times. At one point I moved off of the rail to do transitions because I felt like I was trying to do two things at one time - stay on the rail and transitions. When doing that I'm realizing that she is unconfident on one side of the arena. It is the side away from the pasture horses. This explains alot and gives me some 'how interesting' thoughts. She kept coming off of the rail at the same point so if she came off, I'd bring her into a lope. Hope this helped as I'll know more in the near future. As I write this, I'm realizing I forgot to go to the right. This was all done going to the left which is her favorite side. Oh well! All in all, this day went pretty well. Can do is getting her girly figure back after being on a diet for a couple of months. I'm getting her in shape to bring her to a clinic in Wiggins in April. I think she's 18 years old, not a spring chicken anymore!