Monday, October 3, 2011

Brushy Creek

Gizmo and I went horse camping this weekend in Mississippi. I was very proud of him and convinced that trail riding is his fortay. He was brave, calm, and athletic. He took to the creek after a little convincing. My only issue is that he is too tall. If you have to get off on the trail you had better find a log or something to help you get back on. I also pulled something in my hip which didn't help matters. Gizmo bonded with my friends horse enough to get a little worried when he couldn't see them saddling up on the other side of the trailer. That bothered me a little, but we did some thinking exercises and it helped. He obviously didn't see me as the leader at that point. My friend Sandy had a great time! It was her as well as her horse's first trail ride. She was very brave and tackled some steep slopes. We had lots of laughs. Looking forward to another trip!