Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saddle Issues

    Saddled Can Do today and started riding in the arena. Things were going great but I needed to tighten my cinch a little so I got down. I then realized that my cheap saddle with its nylon latigo was slipping. I can't ever get it fitted right and now I know why. It is always slipping. I did not get frustrated, I simply removed the saddle and used my Parelli bareback pad. It felt wonderful, and I felt secure. Maybe my riding is getting better!!!!!! Can Do probably felt a whole lot better too. My good saddle (the one that cost so much, not really good) is too tight and it seems to pinch Can Do's withers. I noticed some white hairs appearing after using it on a regular basis. The cheap saddle fits her better, I just may have to buy some leather latigos. If that won't work, I may have to ride her bareback forever! or that is, until I can buy my Natural Performer. I'm saving up now. Wonder if Maurice will let me ride bareback during the clinic in October.
    I feel Can Do trying for me. Although she probably knows everything I'm doing, she is listening to me and doing what I want. That amazes me because Gizmo does not. I feel like I'm actually going somewhere. Can Do and I just need to develop our communication. I'm not really teaching her anything. My idea is that once I know what all that sensitivity feels like, I'll be a better leader for Gizmo. She is just giving me experience. She is even sticking with me without the lead rope when I hose her down after we ride and when I walk her back to her pasture, which is a two minute walk. She rocks!

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