Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Year Brings in Understanding

Bringing in the new year with lots of enthusiam and positive thoughts made me realize something - "it's not about the ????". I always make it about the circle, or the sideways, or the whatever. So, for the new year I'm making it about the relationship. Trying anyway! I rode yesterday after a month off because of the holidays, and things weren't that great. Not bad, but not great! I had in my mind, after studing Parelli videos all week at the camp, that I would look like the video. I was disappointed of course. But I do understand the video, and I feel like I'm in it doing all of the right things then it all goes to pot when I'm out there. It's like I have the "crs" syndrome. (Can't Remember Shit). So, that is my focus for the new year. My blog is now one year old and I'm very proud of myself for keeping it up. I was never able to keep up stuff like this, so I get a prize to myself. The prize is - I'll think about it and let you know. I can't think up something right now and besides, the horses must be waiting for me at the gate right now saying, "pick me, pick me". LOL!

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