Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You Want to Go There, Me Too!

Today was a different story with Giz. I decided to stay out of the arena because Gizmo is more extroverted in the field. I set up my cones for the weave and saddled him up. I didn't do much in the warm up because I didn't want to use up the little energy that he has stored. He was great and stood still. Then I had to talk myself into " you want to go that way, me too" Oh bother!!!!!!! So, I mounted up and we were off. He did well with the lateral flexion and I tried to guide him a little. Refusal! I then said where are we going Gizmo? You lead the way. He visited everything in the barn area, and discovered his reflection in the barn windows. Funny! We went to all of the farm equipment and I just let him guide me. Then he suprised me and took me into the 10 acre pasture that none of the other horses would dare step foot in. I have tried so hard in the past with the others and they just don't want to go there. He was all over that place, looking here then going over here. The grass in some places was up to his belly so I couldn't believe he was tromping through it. He went all the way to the back and then back towards the barn. I loved it. Well, when we got to a fork in the road that leads to a trail that Gizmo had never been on, I tried to see if he would go..... and he did. We were discovering new ground and all on his idea. I felt like he was having as much fun as me. I did have to keep him going forward some of the time, but it was never hard to do. We even did some indirect and direct turns around trees. We were on!!!!! He did beautifully, but now what do I do about the arena? I'd love to ride him out everyday, that is why I have horses, I love to trail ride. But I want more. I want finess and all the fancy stuff. For now, I will keep doing what he wants and gradually ask for little things every now and then. We'll see how that goes. Also, he has been letting me jump on his back. He used to try and bite me everytime I started bouncing on the side of him. I tried it from a tool box and then graduated down to a bucket. I haven't tried the ground yet but I will soon. He is so darn tall!

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