Wednesday, June 8, 2011


 Our ride today was fabulous. I really felt try in Gizmo right from the start of our session. I have been trying to be so light with a phase 1 of a phase 1. I'm feeling that maybe he is finally starting to connect with me. I've read that it happens in level 3, which I am playing in online and a little freestyle, and low and behold it is happening. They say to trust the program! To top it off, I decided to hose him down when we were done so I put him next to the water hose and left him to get the nozzle. Well, he wandered off to visit the other pasture horses about 30 feet away. I ran back the water hose, grabbed my c stick and attempted to disengage his hindquarters. He then spun towards me at a trot and I instantly had the thought to slap the c stick hard on the ground. His trot turned into a canter and I put my hands up to stop him right in front of me. His expression was a "10" and mine was "OMG!!!! Did I just do that". The feeling was amazing. This was completely at liberty which we have only scratched the surface with. At that moment I realized the true meaning of being provocative. I get it!

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