Friday, February 25, 2011

Covering New Ground

I rode both Can Do and Gizmo and we graduated to the bit. I had bought the Parelli Country Bridle when I attended the Rendevous in Jacksonville. I always wondered when to switch from the hackamore, which I love riding with, to the bridle. My favorite clinic girl, Kelly Sigler, told me not to stay in the hackamore too long or the horses learn to brace on it. Overall it went pretty good. Can Do has been in a bit forever so she was probably good with it. She behaved and thats all I have to go by. Giz played with it alot. Can Do and I played FTR, cloverleaf, point to point, direct turns, indirect turns and corners game, all with the carrot stick. I'm going to have to get used to riding with that stick. It is like there is too many things to think about. However, I was really soft with my phases before I used it. Gizmo had a short lesson because I was running out of time so we only played FTR. I'm having trouble with wasps hanging out on my arena fence. I actually think they are stinging the horses faces sometimes. Not sure what to do about that. How do you kill wasps that don't have a nest and are just flying around randomly? I'm sure the horses will love to follow the rail tomorrow and get stung a couple of times!

Sandy came over on Wednesday and we played online. I tried to help her with things we learned in the clinic. It went well! At least her horse loaded up with no problems. Once we get these play days going I think great things are going to happen. I want us to film each other so we can go home and see what we look like. It will also get us used to being in front of the camera so that our auditions won't be so nerve racking. The first time someone filmed me I freaked out. It was like Pat himself was watching me. That is so silly! My sister filmed me since then and I did okay. I tried to ignore her and the camera.

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