Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awesome Weekend

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to Mississippi for a clinic with Maurice. I was quite nervous because I had to pull the 4 horse trailer for 3-4 hours and go through New Orleans with it. Everything worked out perfectly. I only brought Gizmo this time because he needed it the most. We got started on Saturday morning with online. We learned about COD and when to ask for the change by partial disengagement, then driving zone 2 then 4. Worked like a charm. Maurice set up obstacles everywhere and we rotated as needed. I think Giz did a great job. It is amazing what focusing can do. After lunch we rode. Giz was in full mode "I don't want to backup, I don't want to do change of direction, I do not want to stand still, etc." Most importantly, he got all of that by the end of the weekend. He sure did backup when Maurice started heading for us. That cowboy means business! All in all, we learned a great deal and I'm hoping I can replicate it when I get home. I almost forgot, Gizmo goes sideways along a fence! So proud! My butt hurt at the end of the second day. I have never stayed that long in the saddle. Gizmo fell asleep with me on his back and he did a Stop, Drop, and Roll while we were traveling down the arena. He is so funny and entertaining. I had all of my questions answered by the end of the weekend plus more, and I made some great new friends. Awesome weekend!!!!!

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