Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unconfident in the Trot

I can see so much improvement since Maurice's clinic. It was exactly what I needed at the time. I wish I could have him in my pocket when I'm out there with the horses. I have completely gotten rid of my sissy hands and I try to concentrate on not leaning too far back. My direct turns that have been so wishy-washy are improving so much. Yesterday, his DT at the walk were there for the most part. It is when we do them at the trot that he gets (what feels like to me) unconfident. He goes into a tight circle to the right and it is hard to get him out of it. It is funny that he never did this in the clinic! Anyway, I just hold my position with my eyes, shoulders, belly button, leg, and rein facing to the left and eventually he comes out of it and I release instantly. I think whoever trained him previously must have turned him like this and it has become familiar to him. Not sure, but it is weird. We worked on some turning on haunches against the rail, back up, and sideways. He is very slow with this stuff, but I'm not sure if he completely understands it yet. I'm going slow so that I can be correct in my requests and i think he will get it. I had to resort to the end of my lead rope for the backup a couple of times, Funny how he backs so well when we are going out of the gate, lol. His backup is amazingly effortless and fast. He is such a shit! He is definately a "what's in it for me" horse. I quess I'm just happy he puts up with my inexperience and he doesn't try and buck me off. He is very tolerant of me. I have to give credit when it is due. FTR is improving. Only one and two correction a lap. Got that baseline Maurice! Funny how I never thought about counting my corrections even though I hear it from the savvy club vault regularly. Maurice talked about it a couple of times and I filed it in my brain. I hope I'm able to pull out all that I learned when I'm riding.

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