Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today was the test to see how much I learned from the clinic this past weekend and I passed. I could feel the effort in Gizmo's backing and direct turns. He walked and trotted with little effort on my part and was just more willing. I am so happy. Now I need to bring it on and be progressive. I need to be aware when he is being a punk. I really enjoy playing and riding him even though he isn't mine. He was put in my life for a reason and he is making my dreams come true. He is just not what I want. First of all, he is way too tall, and I don't like paints (at least ones with a lot of white). I love his personality and he is very entertaining. Just trying to figure it all out!!!! What about the other 3 horses that I love so much? I sometimes feel like I am ignoring them although they are probably happy I'm not riding them. What's a girl to do? Too many horses and so little time!

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