Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My First Blog Post!

I have recently been very inspired by reading blogs by Parelli students. So inspired that I am stepping out of my box and becoming a blogger myself. The other day, for example, I made contact with a parelli student who I located on the forum. After reading some of her posts, her story sounded a lot like mine so I sent her a private message. I was really nervous doing that, not sure why. Low and behold, she wrote back to me. Now I have a freind in New Zealand. How cool is that! I want to keep track of my journey that is already two years in the making. I've lost those records by not writing anything down, but now I'm serious. I'm finished level one (self assessed), have got two horses in level two (self assessed), and one of them is doing level three tasks. Now I'm getting into the good stuff. I am taking my savvy to great heights. I want the black string! So here goes, you gotta start somewhere right?

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