Thursday, January 27, 2011

Relationship Issues!

Ok, if my witchy mare who I love so much did not have fun playing today I am going to trade her in for a newer model. We went trail walking and ate lots of clover and other goodies. She understands driving from zone 3, we did it for about a mile. Then we got to this wonderful log and we played some squeeze games and sideways. She participated fully! She is giving me a hop with the front end but walking over with the back. I’m trying to prepare for the big barrel jump one day. Then we went on the trail again and had the greatest conversations. I know mine was great anyway. We ended up at the trailer for a couple of loads and then we were done. It surely was fun for me. We’ll see if she’s waiting by the gait for me tomorrow. Heck, I’d be hysterical if she allowed me to slip on her halter without walking away. An update to this posts is that she really did have fun. The farrier came by later and I had to go out to get her and she was with me. She approached me and let me slip on her halter. When it was time to bring her back out she did the same. I need to make a note of how to be more provative with her. She did stick the middle finger at me when I directed her for the figure 8 and weave though. Need to work on that!

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