Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pattern Progress

I just finished a lesson with Can Do and she did great. Why did she do great? That is because I just finished watching the new savvy club DVD and I had a BFO. I know I'm supposed to do the patterns, and I do, but the DVD put it in a different perspective for me. I was always worried about boring my horse. According to Pat, you have to do it more than I realized. I did as Pat said and put different patterns together, mixing them all up and she was on! Don't think I bored her at all. I thought I was doing them enough, but I wasn't even scratching the surface. Before we rode I played the circling game on a 12' line and I made her walk, which is very difficult for her to do. It took about 10 laps of corrections both ways until she got it. I then disengaged her and it was game over. That my dear was progress! Even if it was a baby step.


  1. One day at a time, one baby step at a time, and you will arrive.....though it is each step that is to be treasured, not the destination.

    Gotta love BFO', now you have a friend in California!

  2. Hi Michelle, I know who you are as I read the forum occasionally. I really enjoy your posts. A couple of months back I stumbled upon your blog that rates the other clinicians and I was very curious to what you thought. I, too, want to be exposed to other ways as long as they are good for the horse. I've thought about buying some of the books and DVD's, but have never actually done it. I will though! I am obsessed with PNH and spend two hours a day (on most days) playing with my horses. I have two that I play with and two that watch me play. I feel so bad about that but I can't spend any more time than I do. Have you ever been to Pagosa or Florida campus? One day I hope to do a fast track, but it will have to be when my youngest boy, who is 13, is a little older. I don't think I can leave my family for that long. It was very nice to meet you. Thanks for looking at my blog. You are my first, lol! Sam Palmisano

  3. Your welcome, and thanks for visiting mine! I too have one at home, 12yo, and he has kept me home. Never been to the ISC, infact only participated in one clinic 6ys ago. I'm on my own here with 5 horses, and I like not having to follow strict rules. Study who I want, train how I want, and do my best to do right by my horses. There is alot of really good info out there I am finding, WAY more than when I started with parelli 9ys ago. wish I would have started looking years ago, but everything happens for a reason, so I reckon I am right where I am suppose to be, right when I am suppose to be there. I wish I could quit my job so I could play with my horses every day all day long.....ah dreams.

    be careful, you just might get addicted to blogging like I did. ;)