Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Direct Turns

I am so excited today because I feel like Gizmo is finally making some progress with his direct turns. I think I maybe over did it though, because he is over shooting them. He turns, then keeps in the turn too long, even though i’m straightening up my hips. That is okay i guess, but he is finally understanding what I want. His indirect turns are so nice. He still plays with that bit when I first put it in his mouth. Yesterday I coated it with molasses. That big ol’ left brain horse spooked yesterday when I was on his back. First time he did that! Jordan was washing out an ice chest in the driveway, and he couldn’t figure it out. It had to be some kind of wild animal getting ready to strike at him. We did lateral flexion and some turns on the rail and he was fine. I felt his heart pumping throught to saddle though. If he throws me I might just land on the moon! Now that I have to sadde from the right (according to Kelly) my technique is terrible. The saddle never lands on the pad. Poor horse! He just stands there though. I will start trying to throw it up on our arena fence and build my muscles. Getting those phases is a challenge for me also. I catch myself using the rein sometimes before I should. I find it hard to do more than one thing at a time on the ground, on the horse it is really tough. Riding with reins, carrot stick, and neck string is blowing my mind. Then throw in all of the phases and whew! I'll get it though. My friend Connie (who recently moved up to Heaven) will be there to give me my black string! I can't wait to see her again.

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