Saturday, March 19, 2011

Polite Refusals or Misunderstanding?

I’m just not sure if Gizmo is politely ignoring my requests or he doesn’t understand them. What is so hard about a direct turn? I kind of think he isn’t understanding me because he goes intoverted when he is unconfident and that is what he did yesterday. He gets all quiet and stuff if that makes any sense. Kind of like shutting down internally. I can just tell when he is "all about it". I’m going to keep on, because I think he will get it soon. He’s got too!!!!! When I first started online level one he did the same thing. Today we worked on stopping. Towards the end of the lesson he was stopping a little better. His backing is broken! He backed well with the hackamore, so we have lots of work to do. Wish I had an instructor in my pocket!

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